Children’s Holiday Boutique: 
November 29th - December 1st

Our annual Children's Holiday Boutique is a magical week when our children can experience some "independent" shopping time! Children can shop for gifts for friends, family, teachers and pets. All gifts will be priced in whole dollars, $2 - $6. Classes will visit the Holiday Boutique during their recess, and it is completely optional for children to attend. 

Our suggestion (if you choose to have your child participate) is to talk to your child about who they should buy gifts for (Mom, Dad, sister, brother, the dog, Grandma, etc.) and discuss whether they can buy a gift for themselves or not. Please plan on sending your child in with $2 - $6 for every person on their list. If they choose less expensive items, they can bring home change. Please bring in a reusable shopping bag and place the money and shopping list in a Ziploc bag with their name written on the outside. One of our parent volunteers will help them make decisions. We provide free wrapping on site!!

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