Earth Pledge - One small change, one big impact. What will you pledge?

Earth Day is on April 22nd this year,  please consider celebrating it with us by taking an Earth Pledge! Here are some examples of what you could change:  You could pledge to not use paper towels for 2 weeks (or plastic wrap, or single use coffee cup etc.), to turn off the water while you brush your teeth, to walk/ride your bike to school at least 3 times per week, to participate and learn about the food scrap program in Greenwich, to recycle right at home, to start to compost at home, to recycle all your household soft plastic at your local grocery store (bags, plastic wrap, snack bags, zip lock bags – amazing to see how much soft plastic we use once you start collecting it for one week).


Email Jaime Patten a photo of your pledge and let’s see how big NMS can make one small change!

National Drug Take Back Day – April 24th 10am-2pm

Safely dispose of those unused and/or expired medicines at your local police station – Greenwich or Stamford. More info here.


Recycling Drives - Textiles, Crayons, Markers, Highlighters & Batteries


NMS has partnered with Fairco Greentree Recycling and will host a clothing drive at NMS April 19th – April 30th. Keep textiles out of our landfills and start collecting your clothes, shoes, accessories, bedding and towels!


Please continue to save your batteries, crayons and markers and we will share information about the next drive as soon as possible!  We are planning a collection of used crayons, markers & highlighters in June. All brands will be accepted through the Crayola Color Cycle Initiative and the Crayon Initiative.  Old batteries are accepted at the Holly Hill Recycling Center all year long to be properly recycled.  Any questions please contact Lindsay Baker.  



Hazardous Waste Day Schedule - May 1st


Bring your paint, oils, fuels and bug sprays to the Island Beach parking lot be disposed of safely. More info here.


National Bike to School Day - Wednesday, May 5th

 Strap on your helmet and lace up those shoes, it’s time to bike to school!



Holly Hill Resource Recovery Center (“The Greenwich Dump”)


Do you know all the recycling options at Holly Hill?  For just $25 apply for your Holly Hill permit today! Books, Food Scraps, Yard Waste, Logs, Leaves, Electronics, Light Bulbs, Scrap Metal, Batteries, Mattresses and more.  Keep these items out of our landfills and make a difference today!



Suggestions and Resources


Meatless Monday - try to have one day a week where the whole family enjoys plant-based meals.


Join Waste Free Greenwich's mailing list to learn more about how you can make a difference at home and in our community. More info here.





Recommended Green School Movies


Just Eat It, a food waste story available on Amazon Prime

Straws available on Kanopy

Bag it available on Kanopy

The Story of Stuff 

Biggest Little Farm rent on Amazon

My Octopus Teacher available on Netflix

Kiss the Ground available on Netflix

Wasted rent on Amazon