NMS PTA Welcomes You to North Mianus School


NMS Newcomers would like to extend a warm welcome to our school community.


NMS Newcomers was developed for families who relocated to North Mianus, first time Kindergarten families, and to those families whose children are starting NMS for the first time after having attended an elementary school elsewhere. We will welcome any family that would like to be more connected, if you are new to NMS or have been here a few years!  We will have a few social events throughout the year to welcome each new family and aid transition into the school community.  


If you’d like, we will include you in our Buddy Family program. Each new family has the opportunity to be paired with another NMS family. Your buddy family will be a friendly face for you who can answer questions and assist in any way. We hope this helps you with moving to NMS. 


Please do not hesitate to ask Kimberly Cray and/or Karen Soler if you would like to be included in our Buddy Family program or have any other questions.