Treasury Procedures 


All deposits and reimbursements must be accompanied by a voucher. These can be found in the Treasurer’s mailbox (Blank Forms) in the Community Room or you can download here:


Expense Voucher
Deposit Voucher
Pow Wow Expense Voucher

Expense Reimbursement Worksheet (For use with Expense Voucher when submitting 3 or more receipts)


If you are purchasing items for the PTA, please do not pay sales tax. The North Mianus PTA is a tax exempt organization. Copies of the tax exemption certificate are available in the Treasurer’s mailbox (Blank Forms). Please take one and present it to vendors when making purchases. Sales tax will not be reimbursed.




If you have purchased an item for the PTA and would like to be reimbursed, please:

  1. Complete an Expense Voucher.
  2. Complete an Expense Reimbursement Worksheet if you are submitting an Expense Voucher for 3 or or receipts.
  3. Attach original receipt(s).
  4. All expense requests in excess of $500 must be approved by a Co-President. Kindly obtain necessary approvals prior to submitting your expense request to Treasury.
  5. All expense requests in excess of $10k must be approved by a second authorized signer. Kindly obtain necessary approvals prior to submitting your expense request to Treasury.
  6. Once the request has been completed, please leave all documents in the Treasurer’s mailbox in the community room.
  7. At no time should an expense request be handed to a Co-Treasurer, or sent home to a Treasurer’s house with a student.
  8. Checks for reimbursement will be disbursed in accordance with the instructions indicated on the Expense Reimbursement Form.
  9. For urgent expense requests, kindly contact both Treasurers by EMAIL (NO TEXT) explaining the need and timeline for request. Advanced notice is always appreciated for check requests.

Please note that no check will be written unless accompanied by a completed Expense Voucher. 




If you have collected money on behalf of the PTA, please:

  1. Fill out a deposit voucher. 
  2. Attach a listing of the funds collected
  3. Call or email a treasurer for instructions on where to leave the funds. If the amount collected is over $250 in cash, please have a recount performed and the voucher initialed.

PTA-funded Field Trips


For field trips or outings funded by the PTA's Curriculum Enrichment or other committee, you must submit a North Mianus PTA Expense Voucher to the PTA Treasurer with appropriate information/paperwork. A PTA check, made payable to Greenwich Public Schools, will be cut for the total amount of the trip. You must then submit that check, along with a Deposit/Disbursement Voucher, to Deb Perry. Deb will process the form and check. Once form/check have been submitted, Greenwich Public Schools will then issue Purchase Orders as needed and pay field trip destinations/vendors (i.e. museum or bus company). All payments will be made after the trip has taken place, unless extenuating circumstances have been outlined in advance.

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