Volunteering at NMS is a great way to help the school and meet new friends at the same time!  Please contact the Co-VP's of Administration, Kate Fix and Sarah Sippel, if you are interested to find out more about these roles. 


FAMILY OUTINGS – Organize family gatherings outside the school such as Sound Tigers and Yankees Game.  Work with the organization for group ticket discounts, publicize in preview and for Sound Tigers work with the music teacher as the chorus usually sings.  Reports to VP Fundraising.  Seeking 1-2 people to work together.


MIANUS MELODIES - Organizes 2-4 musical performances in the cafeteria during student lunch shifts. Musicians are a combination of paid professionals, parents, and other volunteers who are scheduled to promote cultural diversity, instrument balance, time periods, and musical movements so that students are exposed to the broadest possible range of musical styles. Responsible for hosting visiting performers and arranging for their lunch and publicizes information on programs to the Preview.  Reports to VP Curriculum Enrichment.   Seeking 2 people to work together.


YEARBOOK TEAM - Collaborates with class parents & teachers to secure appropriate number of photos required per class and grade for the yearbook.  Role may include taking pictures, laying out yearbook, working with vendor, or publicizing sales in Preview. Reports to Secretary.  Seeking 1-2 to join other volunteers. 


All volunteer opportunities are advertised in the PTA weekly newsletter, The Preview.  You will automatically be enrolled to receive it when you create an account on this website, but if you would like to check, it is under My Account > Update My Account > Subscriptions. Make sure you are subscribed to the "NMS Parents and Staff" list. 






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