Curriculum Enrichment 

Contributions to the PTA are invested directly back in students via Curriculum Enrichment opportunities. The VPs of Curriculum Enrichment and teachers work in tandem to plan interesting learning opportunities that will be relevant to what students are learning in class and aligned with academic standards. Given that field trips are not possible this year, we are exploring vendors across the country who provide virtual, interactive content. We have already conducted exciting sessions and have several more planned throughout the year. We have prepared a catalogue of opportunities for teachers to explore but are always open to new ideas, so please contact the VPs of Curriculum Enrichment, Jessica Wren and Sarah Engebretsen, with additional ideas!


This month, 4th grade did a session with the Eli Whitney Museum on Pinball Machines. This session teaches game design (beginnings, middles and ends), logic (rewards for difficulty), marble movement (caroms, momentum) and creative design. Students in 5th grade did a session with the Connecticut Science Center on Making Waves, where they gathered evidence from experiments in the wave tank and discovered patterns hidden in water. Later this month, 3rd grade has two sessions planned: 1) the Connecticut Science Center will lead students through a Chem-Mystery, where they look for evidence of chemical reactions and identify the unique properties of newly formed products to help solve a mystery; and 2) the Eli Whitney Museum will teach students how to Build Whaling Ships as way to understand the whaling industry.



The NMS PTA Curriculum Enrichment team needs your help! Building upon the themes of diversity and inclusion from our summer reading, we aim to recognize and celebrate our NMS community and all the many cultural holidays celebrated by our students. We are looking for volunteers to join our ‘holiday’ sub-committee. The committee will work to put together a robust calendar, as well as holiday materials (such as but not limited to recipes, book recommendations, activities, and a summary of your tradition). This will be an active committee where we are looking for volunteers to help build out this curriculum throughout the year. If interested in joining us, please email us at

Please note – it’s our goal to celebrate as many holidays as possible, but we need the support of our NMS Community to do so. If a holiday is missed or has passed already, it is not our intent, and we’ll work hard to make sure to celebrate it next year with your involvement. 


Please see this page for more information on our featured holidays. 


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