Frequently asked questions

Who has access to my contact information in the online directory? 
Only paid members of the NMS PTA (current NMS parents and staff) will have access to an online directory of NMS families using their own personal username and password.  Users will be granted this access after they have signed up to be a PTA member and they have been verified by the PTA as a current NMS family or staff member. 

Can I choose which information I wish to publish in the online directory? 
Yes! You can choose exactly what information you would like other NMS parents and staff to see online. If you would ever like to change these preferences, you may do so on the website by going to My Account>My Forms>Paperwork>Directory & Publish Preferences. 

Is my contact information secure?
Membership Toolkit (the website provider) makes every effort to ensure that your information is kept private. They do not share our information with any other parties or use it for their marketing purposes. The information is property of the NMS PTA. 


Is there an app?
A convenient Membership Toolkit app available for purchase from iTunes and the Android store for quick access to your directory from your phone.

Can I update my contact information at any time?
Yes, we encourage you to keep your information up to date. Please also make sure to report any changes to Mrs. Perry or Mrs. Ruggerio Morle in the main office. 

Will I have to re-enter my information next year?
No, all you have to do is approve your profile, update your child(ten)'s teacher, and renew your PTA membership and you are all set. We will even update your child's grade before the start of school. 

What if I don't know my child's teacher yet?
Leave the teacher selection blank and you can always update teacher information once the class lists are released.


Will I immediately have access to the directory after I pay for membership?

No. Our membership team needs to first confirm that you are a current NMS family or staff, then they will grant you access to the directory. We go through this approval process to make sure only our NMS families and staff have access to the private directory information.  


I subscribed to calendars on the website but I would no longer like them to be on my device.  How do I update this subscription? 

It is a setting within your device or computer.  


For iPhone users, on your iPhone, go to settings>calendar>accounts>subscribed calendars.  Select the calendar you would like removed from your phone.  Click "Delete Account."


For apple computers, open ical and choose view>show calendar list. Select the calendar you would removed, and choose Edit>Delete. 


There is a similar process for other devices which usually pops up in a google search of "How to remove calendar subscriptions from my "XYZ" device, where "XYZ" is the type of device you have." 


Who should I go to with any additional questions about the website? 

Please email the PTA Co-Presidents.

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